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Homes of the!

Stunning offsite manufactured homes

The way in which homes are constructed across the world is changing with offsite methods at the forefront of solving the unique time, cost, quality and sustainability challenges facing the residential construction sector. 

We are offsite construction specialists who build high performance homes with offsite manufactured structures that are designed for healthy, comfortable and low energy living.   Our flexible approach utilises offsite construction to deliver either an advanced building envelope or a full build solution.

Dynamic Eco Homes provide a personalised service to help you realise your vision of creating your dream home, extension, or garden building.   
Extremely low airtightness levels reduces draughts, noise and polluted air entering your home.  We can achieve Passivhaus levels of airtightness when required.
Excellent levels of insulation and detailing ensures that your home will maintain a comfortable temperature   during both the summer and winter months.  
Low energy
Our 'fabric first' approach delivers a guaranteed energy efficiency performance which limits carbon emissions and ensures that your bills will be low for years to come.
Timber is one of the most sustainable building materials.  Our hybrid timber structures are natural, recyclable and from sustainable sources.  

Maximising offsite construction 

Up to 70% faster to build

A rapid manufacture and installation programme will significantly reduce your project timescales.

Up to 80% less energy use

 We adopt a fabric first approach to maximise the structure performance and increase energy efficiency.

Up to 90% less disruption

Our advanced offsite manufacturing reduces the number of deliveries and personnel required onsite. 

Costs 0% more vs traditional

Our unique solutions will cost no more than a traditionally constructed building envelope. 

Why Dynamic Eco Homes

We offer a wide range of services with the flexibility to meet all of your requirements.

Simplifying offsite construction

We plan, manufacture and manage the delivery a rapid watertight structure, ready for you to put your personal touch to the finishes.

Project management

We co-ordinate and manage our activities to ensure that our works run smoothly, which allows you to get on with other things.

Unrivalled experience

Our knowledge and experience of integrating offsite manufactured structures with onsite construction is second to none!

National coverage

We operate across England with the professionalism and levels of innovation that outperforms your typical local builder.

Recent projects

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